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Our Mission:  We encourage and support excellence in music education by creating a community of students, parents and teachers that upholds the ideas, principles, and philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

What is the Suzuki Method?

Founded on the core belief that "Every Child Can" learn music, just as they learn their mother tongue, the Suzuki method is a joyful way of learning music and developing character based on the priniciples and ideals of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  Read More.

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We were very fortunate to hold the Graduation Concerts February 1, 2020, at the Oakland Inter-Stake Center, Oakland, before the Covid-19 stay-at-home order occurred. They were beautiful and inspiring performances!

The Guitar Graduation Concert featured 48 graduates from 4 teachers, performing pieces from Levels 1 – 7.

The Violin Graduation Concert following, had 34 graduates from 7 studios, playing pieces from Levels 1 – 7 as well. Teachers gathered together to play in an impromptu string ensemble to accompany the 3 Concerto pieces, giving those graduates the rare opportunity to play their piece as it was written, to be played with orchestra.

We will continue this tradition in 2021 as is appropriate for the safety of all.  Graduation@suzukinorcal.org

2019 SANC Cello Play-In

CELLO FUN was created by 28 young cellists from 7 cello teachers playing pieces from Books 1-7 at the SMAC-SANC Cello Play-In, on October 26, 2019, at San Jose State University. 

The teachers and students came from Gilroy to Berkeley to play together.

We hope more young cellists join us next year to create that beautiful cello sound.

Please enjoy pictures included.

2019 South Bay Play-In

The Annual South Bay Play-In featured 55 young violinists from 8 studios.

We all had a great time playing pieces from books 1-8 in the Music Building Auditorium at San Jose State University.

We hope more children join in the fun next year!!!

The Play-In is a wonderful opportunity to review  pieces and to create  a beautiful sound together with other young violinists.

Upcoming Events

2021 ASI Summer Workshop August 2-4

Due to lack of registrants during this difficult time, we have had to cancel our ASI Summer Workshop. We look forward to new events in 2022, including an in-person Advanced Suzuki Institute.

Camp: 2021 Family Camp

Because of pandemic issues, we are unable to hold our year camp this. year. We hope to see you all in 2022.


We were not able to hold the SANC Bay Violin and Cello Play-In last year which was the first year we missed since the tradition began in the 1970's. We are unsure if we will be able to resume this very fun and motivating activity this Fall. We will keep you informed.

Graduation Ceremony

2022 (Date TBA)

Recordings are due November 11, 2021

Since graduation entails reviewing, polishing, and recording the graduation pieces, we will continue these procedures for 2021.

So we would like to encourage all of you to help your students prepare whatever Graduation piece appropriate for each. Please click here to see the list of Graduation pieces and requirements. This list and all other Graduation information will be updated as needed on our website, www.suzukinorcal.org. For questions, contact Nora Grafton, Graduation@suzukinorcal.org.


Family Camp Skit

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2018 Peninsula Play In

The Annual Peninsula Cello Play-In and the South Bay Violin Play-In were held October 27, 2018, at San Jose State University. There were 27 young cellists of seven different teachers from Oakland to Gilroy created a beautiful sound playing many pieces through Book 8! The Violin Play-In featured 63 young violinists + two Pre-Twinklers of nine mostly South-Bay teachers. They had a lovely time playing pieces into Book 7. Both events were very fun for all involved and were an inspiration for all the students and teachers participating.

Click here for more photos from the 2018 Play In!

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