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The Suzuki Music Association of Northern California sponsors an annual Graduation Program to honor our students as they accomplish certain milestones in the Suzuki literature.  The Graduation Program is designed after that which Dr. Suzuki established for students in Japan.

A thorough procedure has been developed for the students to prepare for this important event. Past graduates who have participated have significantly benefited from this experience.

The Graduation Program is open to all students of SMAC-SANC Teacher Members for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Guitar. Please consult with your child’s teacher to see if they recommend this activity at this point in the child’s development.

Click for more information: Parent Invitation Letter.

Fees per recording submitted:
Levels I-IV: $45

Levels V+: $50

NEW: Parents are required to register online

A link to the online registration form opens here on September 1, 2021 and closes November 22, 2021.

GRADUATION RECORDINGS will be evaluated based on:

  • TONE (bow speed, weight & length of bow)
  • INTONATION (resonance tones, intensity of vibrato)
  • RHYTHM (steady beat, accuracy)
  • TECHNIQUE (shifting, left hand facility, bowing, string crossing)
  • MUSICAL INTERPRETATION (tempo, dynamics, style)

Concert Information

2022 Graduation Concert Information will be posted as available.

Suzuki Association of Northern California Graduation Process

Step 1: Preparation

Working with their teachers, students who have polished pieces perform them on a recording with live or recorded accompaniment. Parents register their students, pay fees, and submit recordings via the online registration form. 

Step 2: Evaluation

Teachers evaluate submitted recordings.

Step 3: Performance

Students perform, together with graduates at the same level, in the Celebration Concert.

Step 4: Results

Students receive a Certificate and Commemorative Pin with their evaluation results.

Student Graduation Pieces and Guidelines

In order to achieve the high level of polish desired for graduation, students record graduation pieces well after they are initially learned.  This supports the Suzuki principle that the repertoire is the foundation of musical development.  Each instrument has 10 graduation levels, listed below.  For violins, the "Must have Polished" pieces is a suggestion of where a student should be in the literature before submitting each graduation recording.  For example, a level I violin applicate should have Minuet by Boccherini polished when they submit a recording for Gavotte by Gossec.


 Level  Graduation Piece, Metronome marking Must have Polished
 Gavotte by Gossec, 116-120 Minuet by Boccherini
 II  Bourree by J.S. Bach, 76 Concerto in A minor 1st movement by Vivaldi
 III Concerto in A minor 1st movement by Vivaldi, 80-92 Concerto in G minor 1st movement by Vivaldi
 IV Concerto in G minor 1st movement by Vivaldi, 80-92 La Folia
 V La Folia, 66 Theme, 12 Variation Concerto in A minor 1st movement by J.S. Bach
 VI Concerto in A minor 1st movement by J.S. Bach, 88 Sonata by Eccles, 2nd Movement
 VII Concerto in D Major, 1st Movement by Mozart, 120-144 Complete Concerto in D Major By Mozart
 VIII  Rondo by Mozart/Kreisler and Sicilienne by Paradis  Teacher's discretion
 IX  Complete Concerto in C Major, PO 48, by Kabalevsky (Only mvmt 1 will be performed.) Teacher's discretion
 X  Complete Concerto in E minor by Mendelssohn (Only one mvmt will be performed.)Complete Concerto in E minor by Mendelssohn 


 Level Graduation Piece
 Minuet #2 by J.S. Bach
 II  Minuet in G Major by Beethoven
 III Sonata #5 1st and 2nd movement by Vivaldi
 IV Sonata 1st and 2nd movements by Eccles
 V Sonata, by Samartini
 VI Concerto in B Major by Boccherini/Grutzmacher



 Level  Graduation Piece Must have Polished
 Gavotte by Gossec Minuet by Boccherini
 II  Bourree by J.S. Bach Concerto in D minor 1st movement by Vivaldi
 III Concerto in G Major 4th movement by Telemann Four Dances by Marais
 IV Concerto No. 3 1st movement by Seitz, arr by W. Preucil Hungarian Dances by Brahams
 V Concerto in C minor, 2nd mvmt, by Bach/CasadesusTeacher discretion
 VI Concerto in B minor, 2nd mvmt, by Handel/CasadesusTeacher discretion


 Level Graduation Piece
Meadow Minuet by Longay
 II Waltz by Calatayud
 III Celeste y Blanco by Ayala
 IV Variations on La Folia by Vivaldi
 V Allegro Vivace, by Giuliani
 VI Bourree, by Bach
VII Sounds of Bells, by Pernambuco
VIII Prelude, by Bach
 IX Asturias, by Albeniz


Contact Nora Grafton, Graduation coordinator:
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